The Rondeau Cottage Community:

Myths vs. Facts

Correcting Misinformation About Ontario's Original Cottage Community

The Municipality of Chatham-Kent is the only jurisdiction in Ontario that is home to three provincial parks -- Rondeau, Wheatley, and Clear Creek Forest. Ontario Parks protects 9,595 acres in Chatham-Kent. Of these 9,595 acres only 46.6 acres are cottage lots. The "Footprint Comparison" below indicates just how tiny Rondeau's cottage community actually is relative to the huge size of Rondeau, Wheatley, and Clear Creek Forest. It also shows the new land that will be added to Clear Creek Forest when the cottage lot sale is completed. Anything green will forever be public parkland. Despite hysterical claims to the contrary, all of Rondeau is not being sold.

Relative Sizes of Ontario Parks in Chatham-Kent...